Puzzle Planet

Puzzle Planet is app-like website, which is aiming at bringing more fun to people during their trips, including interesting puzzles that systems and people have created and the travel paths that people have visited.

Target users will be the people who love traveling, exploring new things and sharing their experience with others online. Especially, the app will be a necessary tool for those who do not have clear idea about what to do next during their travel but they are trying to find interesting things. Motivated by our core value “Travel Fun”, our website is built to help users travel with fun, happiness and surprise.

During the design, many gamification factors are embedded so as to make the app differ from traditional travel guide websites such as tripadvisor, which only provides attractions’ information and user feedback. The process of search the attraction information is combined with checking the route with gamification factors. By doing so, the App is able to increase not only users’ motivation of using it but also their interests to visit attractions.



2013 Sep - 2013 Dec


UI/UX Design & Prototype