Did you know that the EBT SNAP program has changed? In the past, these merchants received free equipment from the state; this is no longer the case. By September 21st all EBT SNAP merchants must have all new equipment.
This is your chance to sign more deals in a market that was previously difficult to compete in. Submit 10 or more of these deals and earn an extra $500 on top of your regular standard bonuses!
To make closing these merchants even easier, we are no longer requiring a copy of their EBT certification letter! All we need is their EBT FSN #.
Must submit 10+ EBT SNAP accounts that are approved by North American Bancard to qualify. Must be new North American Bancard merchants. Promotional bonus will be paid once all qualifying accounts activate and meet current bonus requirements. Please see the Standard Upfront/Conversion Bonus document in Agent Info Center for details. Bonus period ends September 21st, 2014. Once qualifying deals activate, the EBT SNAP promo form needs to be filled out and faxed to your Account Specialist. Deals submitted can qualify for the current promotion or the signing bonus (not both). Promotional bonus is calculated on an individual basis according to the sales rep # (maximum of 1 bonus per entity) and will be recovered according the Standard/Upfront Conversion bonus parameters. Sales Partners must be on the standard compensation plan to qualify.