NAB Marketing Email Campaign

During working at North American Bancard, I wrote hundreds (if not thousands) of HTML marketing emails for our company brands or agents. Without using any third-party templates, I developed a series of my own HTML email templates by using the old-school HTML tag <table> to make sure the templates can function well in most of modern email clients and browsers.

Coding HTML emails are much harder to make emails work in different clients and browsers than webpages. Because different email clients have their own rules to display an email, but unlike webpages, the rules for emails are not well documented and hard to notice unless a long time of researching and testing. And some features like mobile responsive which are very easy to implement in webpages are not even possible in HTML emails. So besides adding more compatible and robust code to my templates, I also provide lots of suggestions to help them find out the best practice of designing a HTML emails.


2014 June - Now


HTML Email Coding & Email Campaign